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What's the difference between the Cyclone MKV Version 1 and Version 2 (v1 & v2)?

The only significant difference I know of is that Version 1 cannot handle DTS sounds as well as Version 2. Version 2 can convert DTS sound to regular stereo and pipe it out of your TV. Version 1 can only play DTS via a connected amp.

If your Cyclone MKV (non-enclosure) has a YouTube logo printed on the top then it should be Version 2. (Does anyone know of a better test for this?)

Again, as far as I know, there is no version 1 of the Cyclone MKV Enclosure, so if you have an Enclosure, it is a v2 by default (and so can handle DTS fully).

It seems the the V1 and V2 distinction refers only to the firmware in the unit, and not the hardware Since this can be updated, a V1 MKV Adapter can be updated to a V2 and so the difference is somewhat trivial. That said, it would be good to hear solid evidence from someone that this is the case!

What's the difference between the Cyclone MKV (aka the Adapter) and the Cyclone MKV Enclosure

The Cyclone MKV Enclosure can contain its own hard-disc (although it doesn't have to, they are generally sold without an internal disc fitted). The Enclosure is a rectangular shape, with external front-panel buttons. The original non-enclosure Cyclone MKV (often called the adapter to make it simple to differentiate the two) is somewhat wedge-shaped and has no front-panel buttons.

Otherwise, the Enclosure has a USB "B" connector (the square one with bevelled corners) and component-video output (both have AV-out). Beyond this, the Enclosure and Adapter are the same.

Cyclone MKV (non-enclosure) "adapter" Cyclone MKV Enclosure

What's the difference between the Cyclone Micro and the Cyclone MKV?

The micro is a much less capable device but is smaller and cheaper (about a third of the price of the MKV). The micro can only read data from an attached USB device, so it can't stream or read over a network or handle SD cards, etc. Also the micro can't read as many different video formats as the MKV. The micro can only handle MPEG1/2/4 (stored as MPG, VOB or AVI files ), and DivX/XviD encoded AVI files. The micro can only handle resolutions up to 720x480 at 30fps or 720x576 at 25fps.

What is the Cyclone 2?

The Cyclone 2 is (as of March 2010) yet to be released, but will be the replacement to the original MKV (non-enclosure) adapter.

What firmware is compatible with my player?

Cyclone MKV Enclosure Firmware

How to create a short-cut to a networked directory?

(No answer yet)

Where can I buy one?

See: Where to Buy

Why does my Cyclone MKV Enclosure make a whiny sound?

There is an internal fan in the Cyclone MKV Enclosure to cool any internal hard-disc that may (or may not) be fitted. The fan makes a noise, and hence the Enclosure is not as quiet as the adpater version.

That said, the power lead to the fan can be simply disconnected to eliminate the noise (by opening the case and disconnecting the fan). Users have reported no ill effects in doing this. It's probably not a great idea if you have an internal hard-disc fitted, but again some users report no problems. Of course, do this at your own risk, we cannot be responsible for any damage that may occur!

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