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What is this site?

I recently bought a Sumvision Cyclone MKV Enclosure media player. It's a fantastic bit of kit at a great price, but it can be tricky to find info (technical & otherwise) online. This site aims to allow users to build up a body of documentation for buying, using, modding and hacking the various Sumvision Cyclone devices.

This site is a Wiki site: this means anyone and everyone can add to, edit & update the information here, and I encourage you to do so! If you can't find a proper home for your info, add it to the general/misc area and the admins will move it around later…

So join the site and getting writing!

What is a Sumvision Cyclone Media Player?

Sumvision is Chinese company who makes (amongst other things) their cyclone media players — these are boxes that plug into your TV and play video files (or play music or show photos). The video files (like AVIs, MPGs, MKVs, etc) can be stored (depending on the model) on the device itself, on shared networked storage, on portable USB hard-discs, on SD cards, USB thumb-drives or on the internet.

Why is this site so empty?

The site was created at the end of March 2010. Hopefully people will get behind the site and start contributing their own content soon!

What/where now?

Check out the "nav bar" on the left with links to the FAQ. etc

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